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Fifth game submission for the Game A Week project. A top-down space shooter inspired by Space Invaders, Galaga and... Geometry Wars?

WASD or arrow keys control your ship and SPACE shoots. If you happen to complete the game, you'll have to refresh the page to replay.

12 hours ago I was sure I would be completely proud of this game because everything was going so smoothly. 6 hours ago I encountered a game-breaking problem which caused me to rollback quite a lot. I'm still proud of this but not nearly as much as I could have been. There are quite many bugs still left. 

But rest assured! This is the first game I will be finishing up on my own time. I see so much potential in it to be really fun if I just get everything to work correctly. When I find it to be satisfactory, I will release it here.

Read more about the development process here.